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Copywriting Services & Virtual Writing Studio

rebel copy co.

Rise up, rebel.

You alone have the authority, the audacity, and the wherewithal to utilize your words with deliberate ease and impact!
Your carefree cadence keeps readers on their toes. 
Every line you write is lucid, and every pitch — precise AF!


There are secrets that rebellious entrepreneurs like you will never tell...

Well, the secret’s out — behind every other compelling sales page, funnel, social media post or website is a skilled copywriter holding their client’s hair back from projectile word vomit. 
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if Your core messaging isn't hitting the mark after spending hours on one post / email / etc.
if you feel that your offers would be better off being kept secret

if You're f*cking over it when nobody notices you're selling anything
If you sound more robotic than the song “Domo arigato Mr. Roboto”...
Then allow me to introduce myself...

About Me.

My name is Jessica, and I’m here to help you successfully nail your brand messaging, take charge of your copy, and dwindle down the downsides of writing.


Aside from that, I’m a mother of two,

I have a dog that looks like a gremlin (Team Brussels Griffon),

My stomping grounds used to be in Key West, FL — now I’m living it up in Sin City!

You need someone to spell it plainly, demystify the process, and redefine the rules WITH you, not FOR you.


That someone is me!

If you're ready to embrace your presence and personality, it's time to shake things up, rattle some cages, and earn money while you enjoy the ride.


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Copy Critique.

To schedule an in-depth copy audit with detailed solutions — click 'audit'.

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Copy Coaching.

To schedule an hour-long brainstorming session — click 'ignite'.

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Copy Critique.

To request a done-for-you service via email — click 'reboot'

Client Love.


Dana maree

Jessica is empowering AF when it comes to unlocking your storytelling skills and adding structure to your verbal vomit. Even as an experienced writer, I look at copy in such a different way now and the strategies she helped me put in place completely changed how I'm approaching my online presence.

Copy Coaching.

Haley Shane

I had dreaded writing copy for my website and didn't know where to start. Jessica audited the site, told me what sucked, and got right to work on it, while keeping my tone of voice in mind. I feel way more confident showing my site to potential clients now that I know the copy is on point, and speaking to whom I want it to speak to.


Amber Leanne Drake

I had Rant Room Session with Jessica and let me just say, she is a MF ROCKSTAR. Her whole vibe — is a whole vibe. Jessica took my rant and turned it into dope copy that I could use however I needed/wanted. I am excited to take it and create posts, emails, ETC. Jessica transmuted it into more than just copy — but a full-blown gut-punch!

Bottom line.

You don't have to force yourself to speak the language of a niche


You know that people-pleasing phrases aren't really you


You're determined to stop sweating between the lines — period.


Now go forth, and write your heart out!

thank you.

inbox me.